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Spring Summer 2020 Runway

For Spring Summer 2020, MONSE creative directors Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia drew inspiration from the farmers market. With the discovery of Renee’s Garden, a seed packet company which cleverly shares the name with the company’s CEO, Kim and Garcia took this idea and used Renee’s Garden imagery throughout the collection, incorporating botanical and fruit motifs into prints and knit intarsias. Expanding on the farmers market idea, playful tool shed and tool box patterns were created for day time wrap dresses, scarf skirts and shorts. MONSE stayed true to classic styles such as torn knits, apron skirts and deconstructed dresses, while expanding on ideas introduced in our Resort 2020 collection with our falling threads blazer and dress to the use of fringe details. Balancing utility, tailoring and easy elegant jersey gowns was the focus for MONSE’s Spring Summers 2020 collection.