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Resort 2020 Runway

For Resort 2020, MONSE creative directors Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia found inspiration in a book of 19th century Victorian board games. Specically, they were intrigued by whimsical objects like surrealist hands, eyes, dice and hearts, all of which represented luck and skill to the board game enthusiast of the era. These symbols were playfully incorporated into prints, knit intarsias, beading and intricate trompe l’oeil on nude mesh, mimicking the look of daring body tattoos. As many of the illustrated Victorian games had military components, the collection also incorporated chain fringing, epaulets, braided tactical belts, and aged brass buttons. Tailoring (still with elements of iconic MONSE deconstruction) was a true focus of the collection, including detailed ruching, pleating and fringe to create the streamlined yet fluid silhouette for the season.